Austin, TX




The owners of this stunning Pennwood home are avid home cooks. Due to dietary restrictions, they make almost every meal in their own kitchen—making proper storage and plenty of space for food prep a must. Urbane Design was hired to enlarge the kitchen, increase functional storage space, move the laundry room from the garage into the home, and create a free-standing sauna in the backyard for an added level of comfort in their backyard.

Services provided:
Floor plans
Contractor bidding/selection
Finish selection
Project management

The clients’ style is approachable and timeless. Their classic taste, along with their daily use of the kitchen, guided us to choose a neutral color palette and materials that would stand everyday wear and tear. We selected hardwood cabinets in a medium grey tone to compliment stainless steel appliances and a porcelain white tile backsplash. The colors and materials we chose are not only durable and easy to clean, but they can actually make the room appear larger than it is.

Overall, space was limited in this kitchen. While we were able to extend the square footage of the room quite a bit by taking unused space from the garage, we still needed to get creative with storage options. We designed a new hidden pantry space, which also doubled as a built-in coffee bar, and built a pull-out island with a cutting board top. This was a simple, elegant way to extend the available space for prepping dinner without cluttering up the room.

A unique challenge of this remodel was floor selection. The original flooring in the home was discontinued, but it was important to maintain cohesion in the floor’s pattern and color variation from the living room to the kitchen. To solve this, we pulled up the floor in the home’s study and used this in the kitchen. Then, we found an almost exact replica of the original flooring and used this in the study. To the blind eye you can’t tell the difference.

The kitchen additions and the outdoor sauna contribute to a feeling of ultimate comfort in this home. Our clients are able to truly make the most of the space they spend their lives, day in and day out.