Who Said Wall Paper is Outdated?

Wall paper was once considered boring and old fashioned.  Not anymore- wall paper is back in a big way!  No longer a blast from the past, it is an outstanding way to add dimension, texture, style and color to a room.  Today’s papers may feature metallic, cork, silk, sisal, hand-painted, bamboo, murals and much, much […]

The Art of Display

Decorating Built-Ins does not have to be a daunting task, nor does it have to be bland and boring!  Transform ordinary bookcases and wall shelves into spectacular, showroom quality displays, with a few quick and easy decorating tips!  Keep it simple!  Less is more- a basic design concept that safeguards carefully chosen items will have […]

Define Your Style: Modern 101

Fans of the modern style are drawn to open spaces that flow into each other, minimal architectural enhancement, furniture with clean lines in asymmetrical spatial arrangements, machined materials such as chrome, Lucite, metal and smooth wood.  Fans of modernism might be drawn to a home designed in the mid 20th century or a condo designed […]

DIY- Faux-ing Furniture

Out of sheer boredom and the desire for change- I decided to faux paint my kitchen island late Sunday night; luckily I had everything I needed to get started in my collection of paints!  I saved hundreds of dollars choosing to do the job myself vs. hiring a faux painter and it was simple to […]

Today’s Kitchen Trends

The kitchen is the heart of the home and a great room to invest in. Today’s kitchen is more than a place to prepare a meal, it is a place for the family to gather, entertain friends and extended family, as well as share a meal. One of the most important aspects in any kitchen […]

The Calm of Nature

Once you escape the crowded environment of towns and cities, you experience an apparent relaxation and uplifting mood as nature consumes your vision.  When I dream of vacation the first image that comes to mind is the beach!  The yellows and blues of the seaside have the ability to revitalize our energies, helping to restore […]

Designing For the Senses- Quick Tips

Create a sense of harmony- Design with pairs, such as lamps or side tables.  Smaller accessories can be placed to counterbalance and keep the room from becoming stagnant. Use contrasting textures to stimulate senses- Try combining the use of hard and soft surfaces- mix granite with un-honed travertine, hand scraped hard wood floors with silk […]

Designing For the Senses

Designers are responsible for creating an overall sense of calm for their clients, and successful design takes into account all details for an absolute pleasing experience.  In order to create a cohesive, meaningful design it is important to consider each of the five senses. Engaging the five senses makes a house a home and creates […]

Second Chances

I love the idea of combining the old with the new in interior spaces.  Everything is worthy of a second chance and I cannot think of anything more deserving than wood.  Reclaimed or salvaged wood might be found on a number of things, such as, floors, ceilings, walls, doors, architectural details, furniture and much, much […]

Define Your Style: Traditional 101

Traditional style homes are always rooted in the European styles of previous centuries.  Some traditional homes are luxurious and refined, with formal spaces inspired by regal English manors, distinguished French chateaux or elegant Italian palazzo.  Others can be quite understated and modest in scale or architectural ornamentation, such as a Georgian townhouse. The rooms in […]

An Organized Home is a Happy Home

Creativity suffers on the cluttered desktop, in the chaotic kitchen and in the messy garage.  No masterpiece is born in a studio filled with dried-up brushes and spilled paints, nor in a kitchen full of filthy dishes and greasy pans. Organize and reduce the clutter in your home in order to reinstate your creativity and […]

Define Your Style: Romantic 101

Romantic is a comfortable style that fascinates the senses through soft fabrics, floral patterns, lace, richly carved woodwork, painted furniture and a pastel color palette. Femininity is ideal when it comes to furnishing a romantic styled space.  Furniture might range from delicate wrought iron patio chairs to an antique fauteuil.  Curvaceous consoles, a hand painted […]

Define Your Style: Glamorous 101

The key to a glamorous setting is polish and drama!  Color and shine are essential to achieve the ultimate glamorous look.  Glamour is something you can add with any style and it is fairly easy to achieve.  In any glamorous home you might find Art Deco inspired furnishings, Italian crystal chandeliers, mirrored or lacquered furniture, […]

Top 5 Interior Design Trends for 2011-2012

1.  Sustainable design The emphasis on green continues to gain momentum. People are becoming aware of the built environment’s impact of our planet. We are seeing the use of low-impact, non toxic materials, sustainably produced or recycled materials, high energy efficiency and better-functioning durable products. 2.  Doing more with less Today’s design is about smaller, […]

Paint is Overrated

Who said white walls are boring?  There is nothing more classic than white, they are clean and stylish. White is a good choice in a room when clarity is needed in life.  It is uncompromising; everything is clear, open and explicitly manifest.  White has the capability to take on a hint of colors around it, so it acts like a mirror.  White gives […]