Passe Design Trends In 2015

1. Inspirational Phrases. I am going to say they should have never been on trend. Let’s leave the “Live. Laugh. Learn.” jazz in the elementary school classrooms! 2. Chevron. It honestly could have been given a longer run, if it wasn’t so overused! I’ve seen can openers with the chevron pattern…enough, is enough! 3. Tumbled […]

10 Inexpensive Ways to Spruce Up Your Drab Kitchen

1. Paint. Choosing a lighter color for dark, outdated kitchen cabinets will instantly brighten a space and also make it appear larger in size. Light colors also reflect light and is great camoflage for scratches, dings and dents in old cabinetry. 2. Replace Cabinet Doors. That’s right- keep the cabinet box and replace the doors! […]

Announcing a Brand New World of Opportunity

Announcing a Brand New World of Opportunity A Letter To Our Clients We are proud to announce that we are changing our business name from Designer Showcase to Urbane Design. A step ahead of our growing market; we wanted an up-to-date brand which would reflect our innovative and chic design style, but most importantly one […]

Define Your Style: Country 101

In order to achieve the country/cottage style home comfort is key!  Country houses are overflowing with charm and personal style.  Furnishings might include family heirlooms or hand me downs mixed with flea market finds. One might also find a room filled with painted wood furnishings, overstuffed upholstery pieces and slipcovers.  Wall colors tend toward a […]

Define Your Style: Eclectic 101

People with eclectic style are not driven by trends and are comfortable in any number of settings.   Living spaces will invariably include an offbeat mix of furnishings- a Victorian sofa reupholstered in linen, alongside two modern chairs. These spaces may include a mix of modern art with antique furniture, or they might be styled with […]