Feng Shui: Do’s and Don’ts in a Kitchen

Food represents wealth therefore the kitchen is regarded as the source of general well-being.  If you prepare food in a kitchen with good feng shui the people who consume it will carry the benefits throughout the day. Do have a light and airy kitchen with little clutter. Don’t have the kitchen too close to the […]

10 Ways to Enhance a Foyer

A foyer or entryway is the entrance to your home.  This area of the home is often neglected and considered to act solely as a pass through space.  Careful design and decoration of the foyer is essential, as it gives your guests their first impressions about your home…and we all know that first impressions last […]

Working with an Interior Designer

Designers do more than make a room pretty!  Focusing on aesthetics such as wall colors, window treatments and fabric patterns are only scratching the surface of what we can add to your home.  We go beyond decorative concerns to ensure that your space feels harmonious at the core. What we do for you:  We envision, […]

Shop Urbane Launch

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new online store at http://shop.urbanedesignstudios.com/.  This significant milestone fully rounds out Urbane Design.  We can now provide you with a one-stop solution to all of your home good needs.  With 24 hour access, our goal is to make better use of your time and keep you […]

Announcing a Brand New World of Opportunity

Announcing a Brand New World of Opportunity A Letter To Our Clients We are proud to announce that we are changing our business name from Designer Showcase to Urbane Design. A step ahead of our growing market; we wanted an up-to-date brand which would reflect our innovative and chic design style, but most importantly one […]

Define Your Style: Country 101

In order to achieve the country/cottage style home comfort is key!  Country houses are overflowing with charm and personal style.  Furnishings might include family heirlooms or hand me downs mixed with flea market finds. One might also find a room filled with painted wood furnishings, overstuffed upholstery pieces and slipcovers.  Wall colors tend toward a […]

Feng Shui: Do’s in a Family Room

In the modern day home, the family room is the center; it is essential that chi flows freely and has easy access to the rest of your home.  With its central location it is associated with the earth element and the color yellow, because of its lively function the family room is yang. Do have […]

Define Your Style: Eclectic 101

People with eclectic style are not driven by trends and are comfortable in any number of settings.   Living spaces will invariably include an offbeat mix of furnishings- a Victorian sofa reupholstered in linen, alongside two modern chairs. These spaces may include a mix of modern art with antique furniture, or they might be styled with […]

Feng Shui: Do’s and Don’ts in a Living Room

A living room needs to be warm and inviting; a happy place in which to entertain and for your family to gather.  This room regardless of the décor will affect your friendships, family relationships and your success- the chi should flow in a lively fashion. Do place a large or heavy piece of furniture in […]

Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning not only means giving your home a deep cleaning but de-cluttering and organizing your space to welcome the warmer seasons ahead. Relieve your senses and reinvigorate your space with these simple tips. Focus Focus on one room/space at a time. Don’t stop until one room is finished. Make sure everything has a place […]